Review Policy

Review Policy

I review books I want to read, period. I am hesitant about accepting requests from outsider parties who want their books reviewed since I don't want to be so consumed by them that I can't review things I like. But if I do review your book, you will get a fair review (well as fair as one can get when indulging in something as subjective as an art review).

I am open to all genres, but you can probably tell what sort of genres I favor by checking the blog labels. I generally prefer literary fiction. Because I am a person of color, I prioritize reviewing books with colored characters or by colored authors. I accept self-published books and indie authors/publishers.

Genres I will probably not accept:
  • I am unlikely to accept children or middle grade books
  • Poetry. I have studied poetry, but I honestly don't really know the first thing about reviewing it. But if you don't really care, feel free to shoot me an email.
  • Self-help, anything that promotes enforced optimism since I do not believe in the power of positive thinking. Why? Please watch RSA Smile or Die (
  • Most How-to and self-improvement books. If I want to read these I will seek them out myself.
  • Romances that romanticizes and promotes abuse and rape. I am all for kinks and BDSM and unflinchingly honest memoirs about abuse, but I do not condone the blatant delusion that being smacked around, stalked, and threatened by one's love interest is in any way sexy. Do not send me pitches for these types of books, because if you do, I will probably accept them and then you'll get a very bad review.
  • Erotica is something I occasionally read, but I will probably not be reviewing it. Erotica can be done well, but generally I find that there's really nothing much for me to say about it.
Accepted formats:
-I highly prefer ebooks. However, no pdfs.
-Hard copies are ok, but I've pretty much run out of room on my shelves so I'll only take hard copies if there's no other alternative and will only accept them from established publishing companies.

Note: All reviews will be posted here and goodreads. If you would like me to post them elsewhere (amazon/bn/itunes/etc) please feel free to make that specific request. I will let you know when the review is posted. If you receive a poor review, you can opt out of having the review posted on various social media sites, but reviews will always be posted on this blog.

All books should be finished and edited!

You can reach me at cervinelucidum(at)gmail(dot)com. Please do not send me repeated emails. I will check my junk/spam folder occasionally to make sure I don't miss any emails. Sometimes it takes me some time to make up my mind, but I will consider any request, and if I refuse, I will let you know.

Please do not harass me if I have given you a bad review. I remind you that this blog is entirely my opinion and you cannot actually sue me for a bad review. If you think I've overlooked something, feel free to try and change my mind and tell me why your book is actually super awesome. Any sort of harassment, and I will have to verbally tear you down, and for someone who is sensitive enough to be offended by one bad review, you really do not want to go down that road.

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